PLUS 9000

Screen printing emulsion for textile screen printing printing. Red, high solids, one pot, fast exposing garment emulsion for plastisol textile inks.

PLUS 9000

PLUS 9000 is a red pigmented, SBQ-based photopolymer screen printing emulsion. It has been formulated specifically for the production of photostencils used for screen printing garments. PLUS 9000 is a very high solids, fast exposing emulsion and is intended for use with garment printing inks that do not contain water..


  • SBQ one pot garment emulsion, 47% solids for high build and fast drying, resistant to Plastisol inks only, fast exposure and wide latitude, quick washout, excellent print quality, easily decoatable. PLUS 9000 can also be multi-coated to produce ultra thick stencils for high build printing onto garments.
  • Compatible with all exposure systems including LED.


  • Very fast coating, drying and exposure, ideal for the busy print shop. Excellent print quality for an emulsion. Fast decoating with minimal tendency to 'lock-in'.


  • PLUS 9000 is designed for printing any garments that use the following inks:
  • Plastisols that do not contain water.
  • NOTE: For very rigorous garment printing applications such as belt printing, water-based ink printing, or with discharge inks, we recommend the use of PLUS 6000 textile emulsion.

Additional Information


Unlike conventional diazo sensitised emulsions, PLUS 9000 does not require sensitising prior to use.

Mesh Preparation

Unused polyester                    Autoprep Gel and Auto Degreaser Concentrate or Universal Mesh Prep

Used polyester                        Auto Degreaser Concentrate or Universal Mesh Prep

For more information on mesh preparation, follow this link: How to Guide – Mesh preparation for PLUS emulsions

Coating & Drying

PLUS 9000 is a very high solids content emulsion and, as such, is intended for coarse mesh counts, preferably below 90 threads/cm (230/inch).  Stand the screen on edge, angled away from the operator and, using a good quality coating trough, proceed as follows:

  1. Apply 2 coats to the print side of the screen.
  2. The screen should be dried horizontally, squeegee side up and stored under dark or yellow light conditions. Dry the screen at a maximum temperature of 30°C (86°F)
  3. Apply 2 coats to squeegee side.
  4. Additional coatings may be applied to the underside of the screen with intermediate drying.

For more information on coating, follow this link: How to Guide – Coating PLUS emulsions. Note on page three of this How to Guide, there is valuable information on coating ultra thick stencils for 3D printing.



Remove dust from the surface of the stencil and tape positive in position.  Place entire screen in a suitable vacuum frame and expose. Use the Autotype Exposure Calculator to determine the optimum exposure for each mesh count used.  The following is a rough guide to exposure time:

Exposure Time (seconds)*


2kw metal halide 120 cm                      
3kw metal halide 120 cm                      
5kw metal halide 120 cm                      
UV fluorescent tubes 10 cm                      


*           Based on 2+2 coating on 43/cm (110/inch) white monofilament polyester mesh.

For more information on exposure, follow this link: How to Guide – Exposing PLUS emulsions

Washout & Drying

Washout the screen from both sides with a strong spray of water.  Continue the washout until all parts of the image appear clean and sharp.  Dry at a maximum temperature of 30°C (86°F).

Stencil Removal

Remove ink from the screen with Autosolve Textile Screen Wash. Apply Autostrip to both sides of the screen.  Leave standing for 5 minutes and then rinse off the chemistry with a low pressure spray.  The stencil can then be removed with a strong water jet or high pressure stripper.  If a stain or ghost image still remains, use Autokleen Plus.

For more information on decoating, follow this link: How to Guide – Decoating PLUS emulsions

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