Fototex N Matt

Fototex™ N Matt is a screen printable texturing varnish, compatible designed for use with Autoflex®

Fototex N Matt

Fototex™ N Matt is a UV curable, 100% solids screen printable texturing varnish, designed to be used with a Linde type UV/Nitrogen curing units. Designed to be screen printed onto Autoflex® to produce selective textures, this provides a simple and cost effective way of producing high quality textured finishes. Fototex™ N Matt also produces excellent results when used with pre-treated polyester and polycarbonate films (see Fototex™ processing and safety recommendations).


  • Compatible with Autoflex®, pre-treated polyester, & polycarbonate films.
  • Embossable.
  • Good scratch resistance.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Fototex™ N products can be intermixed to create custom finishes.

Additional Information

Custom Finishes:  Products within the Fototex™ N range can be intermixed to create a variety of finishes. Fototex™ N should NOT however be mixed with Fototex™ UV.


Notice on Availability in China
Unfortunately due to one of the raw materials used in Fototex™ N Matt not being listed on the IECSC, this product can not be sold in China. 

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