Our commitment to the Environment


Our commitment to the Environment

MacDermid Autotype (formerly Autotype International) was the first supplier of its kind to become accredited to the international standard for Environmental Management systems, BS EN ISO 14001. We have been operating an EMS of this type since 1993 and were fully accredited in 1996.

Environmentally concious

Local issues:

A system is in place for responding to local environmental issues and dealing with residents enquiries. Please contact us for further details.

Environmental Policy:

(extract from MacDermid Autotype Environmental Policy)

"It is the policy of the Company to continuously review and improve its manufacturing operations, products and services consistent with the protection and conservation of the environment, and the prevention of pollution. Environmental issues are treated by the Company as having equal importance to matters related to health and safety.

Targets and objectives for improved environmental performance will be set and reviewed on an annual basis to ensure continual advancement. These will be available to employees and the public. The Company will endeavour to ensure that employees, the public and other interested parties are aware of its commitment to this policy through appropriate information release, e.g. through the consolidated annual report, information in the press or leaflets, Environmental Health Office registers, etc.

The Company’s policy is to regard compliance with the requirements of relevant environmental legislation as a minimum standard. It will do everything reasonably possible to promote throughout its operations, initiatives aimed at achieving the maximum environmental benefit.

The ultimate responsibility for health, safety and environmental protection resides with the Managing Director. Delegated responsibilities, duties and arrangements for health and safety matters are detailed in the Company Safety and Environmental Manuals which are available to all employees.

The master copy of the Policy and Arrangements will be held by the Regulatory Affairs Manager who will be responsible for ensuring that the policy is reviewed annually by the Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Group.

This policy covers the headquarters of MacDermid Autotype, Grove Road, Wantage, Oxon. OX12 7BZ."

Please click on the link to download our Environmental ISO 14001 Certificate of Approval.