Textile Printing

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Textile Printing

The Autotype Textile Range

The complete range:
The Autotype Textile range has everything you need to make the perfect screen. This integrated range of screen emulsions and chemicals work perfectly to ensure that you get the result you expect, every time.


Key to colour coding
1 - 3 4 - 7 8 - 10
Not recommended/Caution Can be suitable Recommended



A well degreased screen is critical for long print runs. A few minutes spent preparing the screen will dramatically improve the durability of that screen and prevent costly remakes.

  Universal Mesh Prep Auto Degreaser Concentrate 1:10 Auto Degreaser Concentrate 1:25
Format Ready to use Dilute with 10 parts water Dilute with 25 parts water
Degreaser Yes Yes Yes
Wetting Agent Yes No No
Hazard label Label free Warning Warning



The stencil is the heart of the process and a good quality stencil can literally make the difference between a profit and a loss. Select the best PLUS emulsion for your application based on the inks you are using and the type of printing you do.

  PLUS 6000 PLUS 7000 PLUS 8000 PLUS 9000 PLUS TX
Emulsion colour Purple Blue Blue Red Blue
Chemistry Diazo Dual Cure Dual Cure Photopolymer Dual Cure
Solids High 44% Med 35% Med 38% High 47% High 44%
Mesh range 21 - 120/cm 43 - 120/cm 21 - 120/cm 21 - 120/cm 21 - 120/cm
Exposure Med Med Med Fast Med
Textile Ink Compatibilty
Water based ink 10+ 4 6 1 9
Plastisol ink 8 4 5 10 9
Discharge ink 10 (Hardened) 6 6 1 9
Cleaning Solvent Compatibility
Autosolve Press Wash AF 4 9 10 7 10
Autosolve Textile 10 10 10 8 10
Autosolve Aqua 2 10 10 8 10 10
Autosolve Bio 1 8 10 10 7 10
Ease of decoating Med Med Med Easy Med


Emulsion selection summary

PLUS 6000 is an excellent general purpose textile emulsion that will work with most inks.

PLUS 7000 is particularly useful if you print other merchandising items as well and want a truly multi-purpose emulsion. But if you need to print finer detail thenPLUS 8000 is a high solids universal emulsion.

PLUS 9000 is an excellent one pot, very high solids emulsion that is great for plastisols and high build inks. Screens of over 300µ can be made easily with PLUS 9000. Click on this link for more information on how to coat ultra thick stencils with PLUS 9000

New PLUS TX - universal textile emulsion

PLUS TX is the latest addition to the Autotype range of textile emulsions. PLUS TX is a truly universal emulsion that can be used with a wide range of inks to enable you to standardise on just one emulsion.

PLUS TX pack shot

Screen Cleaning Solvents

Developed to meet the stringent requirements of our ISO14001 environmental standard, Autosolve screen solvents are formulated with safety, efficiency and effectiveness as the key requirements.

  Screen Opener Water Washable Screen Cleaning Solvent
  Autosolve Press Wash AF Autosolve Textile Autosolve Aqua 2 Autosolve Bio 1
Water Dilutable No No Yes Yes
Ink Type Compatibility
Water based ink 8 9 9 10
Plastisol ink 8 10 10 10
Discharge ink 2 9 10 10
Nylon ink 3 7 10 8
Evaporation(BuAc = 100) 5 <1 <1 <1
Odour Low Low Low Low
VOC 770g/litre 580g/litre 25g/litre 50g/litre
Flash point 40°C 73°C 100°C 100°C
Biodegradable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hazard label Flammable Warning Label free Warning


Stencil Strippers

Remove PLUS emulsion stencils quickly and easily with one of our Autostrip products. Chose from a powder, gel or concentrate to meet your needs.

Stencil Strippers
  Autostrip Powder Autostrip Gel Autostrip Concentrate 1:20
Format Powder Gel Liquid
Processing Mix 100g with 5L water Ready-to-use Dilute with 20 parts water
Stencils All PLUS emulsions All PLUS emulsions All PLUS emulsions
Hazard label Oxidiser Label free Corrosive


Haze Removers

A good haze remover is an essential tool for reusing screens many times and there are not many stains that can’t be removed with one of the Autotype haze removers.

Haze Removers
  Autokleen Plus Quick Clean Autohaze
Format Used with Autosolve Ready-to-use liquid Ready-to-use paste
  Type of stains
Ink stains 9 8 10
Stencil stains 8 4 10
Diazo stains 8 4 10
Application Overnight Immediate Immediate
Hazard label Corrosive Danger Highly corrosive


Platen Adhesive

An excellent alternative to the solvent based spray adhesives. Our platen adhesive won’t get up your nose or clog your equipment. The sensible water based alternative that really works.

Platen Adhesive
  Platen Adhesive
Format Dilute with up to 5 parts cold water
Processing Apply with a paint roller to the platen
  Fabric compatibility
  Cotton Polyester Nylon Jute bags Fleece Lycra


The Autotype Textile Range New Interactive Wall Chart

This new poster gives step by step instructions on which products to choose and how to get the best out of them for your textile printing application.

If a picture 'paints a thousand words' then a video must paint a million and the two new augmented reality tutorial videos linked to this poster give detailed How To advice on coating high build stencils and the use of the brush pump.

 Augmented reality pic 1 Augmented reality pic 2 Augmented reality pic 3

These videos can be quickly accessed on your smart phone or tablet PC using either Android or Mac OS. simply download the free app from: www.aurasma.com

For your free poster please e-mail:: screen@macdermidautotype.com


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