Fototex N Supermatt XL

Fototex™ N Supermatt XL is a super fine texturing varnish that gives a deadfront finish for polycarbonate automotive displays

Fototex N Supermatt XL

Fototex™ N Supermatt XL is a UV curable, 100% solids screen printable texturing varnish, designed for use with a Linde type UV/Nitrogen curing units. Designed specifically to produce a super fine, flat matt dead front finish for polycarbonate automotive displays.


  • Compatible with polycarbonate films.
  • Super fine flat matt finish.
  • Screen printable.
  • Good scratch resistance.
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Additional Information

Custom Finishes: Products within the Fototex™ N range can be intermixed to create a variety of finishes. Fototex™ N should NOT however be mixed with Fototex™ UV.


This product is not recommended for use with Autoflex® hard coat where adhesion may be compromised.

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