Autotex Softouch

Autotex® Softouch is a unique soft-to-touch polyester film designed specifically for the membrane touch switch market and ideal for surface applications where a high quality tactile experience is required

Autotex Softouch

The Autotex® range of high quality textured polyester films consist of a base polyester with a flexible, chemically bonded and UV-cured textured coating. With its unique chemistry, Autotex® Softouch brings greater creative possibilities for MTS manufacturers and designers. Its distinctive soft to-the-touch silky texture is incredibly tactile yet robust and still delivers exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents, surface wear, and abrasion. The new flat matt texture of Autotex® Softouch when printed with Windotex™ provides exceptionally high quality glass like window display areas, whilst the surface chemistry minimises dust contamination compared to some other soft touch finishes. Autotex® Softouch can be supplied in roll or sheet format.


  • Silky, soft tactile finish.
  • Compatible with solvent screen inks, many UV curing ink jet printers and vacuum metalising.
  • Embossing capabilities for membrane touch switch applications.
  • Compatible with Windotex™ to produce exceptional high clarity printed windows.
  • Part of a family of Autotex® films which include Autotex® AM, XE, Steel, Ink Jet, DP.


  • A consistent cosmetic tactile finish across the whole surface.
  • Screen printed windows with incredible optical clarity.
  • Excellent flexibility offering shallow forming and embossing capability.
  • Resistant to abrasion, scratching, solvents and chemical.
  • Superb colour clarity when printed.


  • Fascia Panels and Overlays.
  • Medical Applications.
  • Membrane Touch Switches.
  • Product Labels and Nameplates.

Additional Information

Product Range:

Autotex® Softouch,

Autotex® Softouch ST150L, ST200L for solvent graphic inks



Autotex® Softouch has an ink adhesion primer on the second surface. The primer confers excellent adhesion to a wide range of solvent based graphic inks. If printing very dark colours in blocks please be aware that the flat matt finish on Autotex® Softouch can soften the finished colour. For a list of the recommended inks please refer to the Autotex® Printing Recommendations data sheet.


A protective laminate is applied to the ink primer surface and should be removed before printing.



Autotex® Softouch is suitable for parts that require embossing or have a shallow formed design. Please refer to the Autotex® Embossing Recommendations Data Sheet.



Autotex® Softouch offers a unique textured surface which is compatible with Windotex™ windowing lacquers. Please refer to Windotex™ Processing & Safety Recommendations Data Sheet. Please note for Autotex® Softouch window printing must occur within 24 hours of the film being exposed to the atmosphere.


Outdoor Use:

In common with most other plastics, Autotex® Softouch has limited long term resistance to UV light and therefore is not recommended for long term use outdoors.


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