Site Instructions for Hauliers

Site Instructions for Hauliers collecting and delivering to MacDermid Autotype Limited

Site Instructions for Drivers

Click to download our site instructions for hauliers in English, French, German, Polish and Turkish.

The following requirements should be considered when arranging to deliver or collect goods from MacDermid Autotype Limited. Please ensure that drivers are issued with these instructions and guidelines prior to delivery to our site.

General Haulage

Driver should drive responsibly and respect our site rules and instructions given by members of MacDermid Autotype Staff or their representatives.

  • Site speed limit is 15 mph (24 kph)
  • Hi Viz Vests must be worn on site at all times
  • No animals are allowed on site
  • No children are allowed on site
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere on site
  • In the event of an emergency do not attempt to leave site in your vehicle, you must follow the instructions of MacDermid Autotype personnel
  • Apart from the vehicle crew, no passengers will be admitted to site
  • Do not park on zebra crossings, red lines or double yellow lines.
  • On arrival vehicles should stop at the STOP line on the approach road to the site and book in with Security.
  • Drivers should have appropriate paperwork which details collection or delivery information and if necessary contact details.
  • Deliveries are accepted Monday – Thursday, between the hours of 07:00 – 17:00, Friday 07:00 – 15:00
  • Collections are booked by our Shipping Department.

For Information

You should be aware that we do not loan pallet/pump trucks to drivers.

Access to load/unload goods should be from the side of curtain sided trailers.

If the delivery/collection is made on a rigid trailer, it will be necessary to use a loading bay, this may cause delays, we accept no responsability for delays or demurage.

Drivers are permitted to use equipment provided by their own employer.

ADR Requirements

Drivers and vehicles delivering or collecting hazardous materials should comply with the current ADR regulations; our minimum requirements are in line with these regulations:

  1. The Instructions in writing 5.4.3
  2. ID, Certificate 8.2.1
  3. Placard/Marking 8.1.3
  4. Fire Fighting Equipment 8.1.4


Tanker Deliveries

In order of preference these are the minimum requirements for Tanker Deliveries:

That the tanker/tank container is such designed that the driver does not need to climb on top to vent or sample its contents, i.e. these operations can be carried out from ground level.

If this is not possible; The tanker/tank container is fitted with handrails on the top that can be erected BEFORE the driver climbs on top, and that there are safe provisions for the driver’s transition from the ladder to the top of the tanker/tank container.

If this is not possible; The tanker/tank container is fitted with a suitable fall arrester system to protect the driver from falling when operating on top of the tanker/tank container.**

** Drivers must be willing to produce a copy of their risk assessment for climbing on the top of the tanker/tank container, should we request to see them.


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