Heat stabilised polyester films with low residual shrinkage at elevated temperatures, for use in a variety of applications including printed electronics and medical sensors


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Autostat films are heat-stabilised polyesters, available in a variety of different gauges and finishes for a range of Industrial applications

Autostat AHU

Autostat AHU is a high quality hazy, unprimed, heat stabilised po...

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Autostat CT

Autostat CT is a high quality clear, heat stabilised polyester film,&n...

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Autostat CUS

Autostat CUS is a high quality, clear, heat stabilised polyester film,...

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Autostat HT

Autostat HT is a high quality, hazy, heat stabilised polyester film, w...

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Autostat WT

Autostat WT is a high quality, opaque white heat stabilised polyester ...

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