Autoflex PC

A hard coated gloss or antiglare polycarbonate film, offering a combination of outstanding clarity, low haze, low yellowness, and high level of scratch resistance

Autoflex PC

Autoflex® PC hard coated polycarbonate film consists of a high quality base polycarbonate and a texturable, chemically bonded UV-cured hard surface coating. Autoflex® PC offers a combination of outstanding clarity, low haze and yellowness levels and a level of scratch resistance you have come to expect from the Autoflex® range of hard coat polycarbonate films.


  • Option of finishes; Gloss and Antiglare.
  • Compatible with a wide range of graphic inks.
  • Available in 180, 250, 330, 380, 480 micron gauges.
  • Compatible with Fototex™ enabling selective texturing to be incorporated on parts.


  • Extremely durable and resistant to scratching, scuffing, chemicals and solvents.
  • Outstanding clarity, low haze and low yellowness.
  • Gloss or Antiglare finishes that are absolutely consistent across the film surface.


  • Smart cards
  • Fascia Panels
  • Product Labels and Nameplates

Additional Information

Product Range:

Autoflex® PC Gloss

Autoflex® PCG180L, PCG250L, PCG330L, PCG380L, PCG480L


Autoflex® PC Antiglare

Autoflex® PCA180L, PCA250L, PCA380L, PCA480L



Polycarbonate films with high gloss surfaces are prone to blocking when stored with the film surfaces touching each other. Blocking is the term given when two surfaces adhere or merge into each other and when separated leave un-removable marks on the film. For this reason MacDermid Autotype supply the Autoflex® PC film range with a protective laminate and recommend that the laminate remains in place until the first print pass.



Autoflex® PC can be screen printed with Fototex™ to obtain selective textures (see Fototex™ product data sheet).


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