Printed Circuit Boards

PCB Printing

Reliability and predictability of print reproduction are the two key requirements for PCB printing and therefore high specification screen making products are recommended as the product of choice for most applications.

For fine detail primary imaging or legend printing Capillex 18 is the perfect choice as it gives consistency and reliability. For solder mask Capillex 50 or PLUS 8000 emulsion are ideal and for ultra thick stencil for peelable masks then multi-laminated Capillex 80 can save both time and money. To ensure that you get the best out of your MacDermid Autotype stencil then always use the recommended screen cleaning and preparation chemicals.

Screen Products Recommendation


Product Recommendation

Screen Stretching

2-Part Screen Adhesive - Mesh adhesive

Mesh Roughening

Autoprep Gel - Mesh roughening gel

Mesh Degreasing

Universal Mesh Prep - Mesh wetting agent

Auto Degreaser Concentrate - Degreasing solution

Solder Mask Printing - Consumer Boards

Solder Mask Printing - High Specification Boards

Solder Mask Printing - High Specification Boards

PLUS 7000 - Universal Screen Emulsion

PLUS 8000 - Premium Screen Emulsion

Capillex 50 or 80 - Ultra thick capillary stencil films

Legend Printing - Consumer boards

Legend Printing - High Specification Boards

PLUS 7000- Universal Screen Emulsion

Capillex 18 or 25 - Premium capillary films

Pattern Printing - Single sided boards

Capillex 18 - Premium capillary film

Pattern Printing - Prototyping

Five Star - Gelatine indirect film

Peelable Mask Printing

Capillex 80 - Ultra thick capillary film

Screen Blockout

Regular Filler - Solvent resistant screen filler

Screen Opener

Autosolve Press wash AF - Fast evaporating screen cleaning solvent

Screen Cleaner

Autosolve Press Wash AF55 - Industrial screen cleaning solvent

Screen Wash

Autosolve industrial AF - Water washable industrial screen cleaning solvent

Stencil Removal

Autostrip Concentrate - Concentrated stencil stripper

Autostrip Gel - Ready to Use stencil stripper gel

Haze Removal - Low caustic

Haze Removal - Medium caustic

Haze Removal - High Caustic

Autokleen Plus - For everyday use

Autohaze Extra - For regular use

Autohaze - For occasional use


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