Autosolve Press Wash AF55

Aromatic Hydrocarbon-free ink cleaning solvent will dissolve a wide range of screen printing inks.

Autosolve Press Wash AF Range

A range of Aromatic Hydrocarbon-free (AF) ink cleaning solvents. The AF Press Wash products offer a range of evaporation rates to cover applications from screen openers for spot cleaning on the press, to slow evaporation products for use in automated screen cleaning machines.

Autosolve Press wash products do not contain surfactants and are not designed to be rinsed off with water. Once dried, Autosolve Press Wash products do not leave a greasy residue on the stencil surface, making them perfect for when screens need to cleaned and archived for re-use.

Screen opener solvents for on-press cleaningFlash Point
Autosolve Press Wash AF The original AF Press Wash 32°C
Autosolve Press Wash AF40 EN12921 - 3:2005 compliant and GOTS approved screen solvent 44°C
Non-water washable screen cleaning solvents for archiving screens for reuse Flash Point
Autosolve Press Wash AF55 Universal screen cleaning solvent for use in automatic cleaning machines 55°C
Autosolve Press Wash AF61 Slow evaporating cleaning solvent meets EN12921-3:2005 for on-press cleaning 67°C


  • Aromatic Hydrocarbon-free
  • A range of evaporation rates from fast to slow
  • Flash points from 32°C - 61°C (classed as non flammable)
  • Suitable for a wide range of ink types.


  • Safer than 'traditional' screen cleaning solvents.
  • Improved print shop environment.
  • Effective on a wide range of ink types allowing only one solvent to be used.


  • These product will dissolve a wide range of screen printing inks and can be used for either manual on-press cleaning through to use in fully automated screen cleaning equipment.
  • The AF range contain chemicals less harmful to operators than traditional cleaning solvents.
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