The strongest haze remover in the range, Autohaze is a one pot, fast acting ghost image remover, that often removes the stains from screen printing screens that other haze removers fail to clean.



The strongest haze remover in the Autotype range, Autohaze is an 'all in one' haze remover for occasional use on very stubborn stains.  This very strong haze remover will eliminate virtually any stain or ghost image left on the screen that other haze removers won't touch. Use Autokleen Plus for regular use and either Autohaze Extra or Autohaze for the most difficult stains.


  • Very strong caustic and solvent 'one pot' haze remover for the most stubborn stains.
  • Supplied as a creamy paste for economical use.
  • Works in under 8 minutes.


  • Ideal for busy print shops or where maximum haze removal performance is needed.
  • Perfect for the most stubborn stains.


  • Autohaze has been formulated for effective removal of hazes and ghost images commonly left after stencil reclaiming. It negates the need for an additional solvent application.

Additional Information

Note. Please refer to Safety Data Sheet for Autohaze before use.


How to use Autohaze

  1. Apply Autohaze to both sides of a wet screen screen using the Autotype Brush and work in well to the stain

  2. Leave for a maximum of 8 minutes

  3. Rinse off with a cold water spray and then use a high pressure gun

Autohaze is designed for occasional use only for removing very difficult screen stains, for regular use we recomend Autokleen Plus.

For more information on How to use Autotype haze removers, follow this link to the How to Guide - Haze Removal

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