Autosolve Textile

Excellent, general purpose screen wash for Textile screen printing inks. Autosolve Textile has a high flashpoint, low evapoartion rate and is water washable for maximum production efficiency and safety.

Autosolve Textile

The product has low flammability, low volatility, is readily biodegradable and contain chemicals less harmful to operators than traditional cleaning solvents.


  • Hazard-label free solvent for cleaning screens after printing. Effective on a wide variety of 'Textile' inks, including plastisol garment inks, water based pigments and dyes and discharge types. Low evaporation rate reduces VOC emissions and solvent odours.


  • Safer than 'traditional' screen cleaning solvents. Improved print shop environment. Effective on a wide range of ink types allowing only one solvent to be used. Low evaporation rate allows longer dwell times for improved ink removal. Can be used in recirculation equipment and automatic cleaning machines.


  • The product has been formulated specifically for the removal of those inks commonly used for Textile and Garment screen printing.
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