How to Guide - Controlled Profile Capillex CP/CX

Capillex CP Controlled Profile screen printing photostencil film offers unique benefits when printing high definition four colour halftones with UV inks

How to Guide - Controlled Profile Capillex CP/CX


Introducing Capillex CP

Capillex CP is based on the revolutionary new Controlled Profile stencil technology to provide a thin, flat stencil that is both easy to use and very tough. Typically Capillex CP will produce an EOM of only 2.5 - 3.0µ on a mesh range of 305/" - 460/" (120/cm - 180/cm) combined with a low Rz.

The benefits that Capillex CP bring to the high quality four colour halftone printer are: 



Low Stencil Profile

Minimises ink deposit to reduce skipping

Reduced squeegee pressure

Improves ink transfer for fine dots

Reduces image distortion

Reduces stencil wear

Low Rz 

Improves print definition

Wide latitude

Easy to use

Not only will Capillex CP reduce the problems caused by high ink deposit, it will also print a wider, cleaner tone range than a conventional stencil.

As there is less dot gain in the print, this significantly reduces the amount of artwork compensation that is required.

A thin, flat stencil is easier to print and is less affected by on-press variables. Changes in squeegee pressure and angle have very little effect on the print quality.

Capillex CP is extremely easy to use from small to large format, especially when used with the new Caplicator programme from Autotype.


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