Solvent Resistance & Environmental Data - Autotex XE

Solvent Resistance & Environmental Data - Autotex XE


Autotex XE contains a UV absorbing chemical which dramatically increases its resistance to yellowing and premature embrittlement in outdoor applications.

With continuous contact some chemicals will begin to remove the UV absorber reducing its UV resistance.

Autotex XE withstands exposure of 5 hours duration under DIN 42 115 Part 2 to the following chemicals without significant visible change or loss of UV resistance:

The solvent resistance of Autotex XE is only tested for 5 hours due to the effect of solvents on the UV resistant chemical incorporated in Autotex XE. For longer periods both cosmetic appearance (colour) and UV resistance can be adversely affected. However, the Autotex hardcoat remains essentially as solvent resistant as standard Autotex.

Exposure to the following chemicals under the above conditions causes slight glossing of the texture and a reduction in the UV resistance of the product.

Occasional splashing with the chemicals will not affect the texture or reduce UV resistance.

Autotex XE is NOT resistant to the following chemicals:



Autotex XE withstands 5 hours exposure to the following reagents at 50oC without visible staining or loss of UV resistance:


2.1 Minimum use temperature

-40oC (-40oF)

2.2 Maximum use temperature

High humidity environments               (85% RH): 85oC

Low humidity environments                (<10% RH): 85oC


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