A simple to use tool for applying Capillex screen printing photostencil film onto medium to large screens


A low cost, simple to use cassette for applying Capillex film to the screen. Can be used on a wet screen or in conjunction with Capillex Laminating Fluid for semi-automatic application.


  • The Caplicator is a simple, yet ingenious tool that helps you produce perfect screens every time. The sheet of Autotype Capillex film is placed in the cassette and then manually applied to the wet screen. The dust wipes in the cassette ensure that any surface contamination on the film is removed immediately prior to application. The Autotype Caplicator is available in 4 sizes - 45 cm, 61 cm, 79 cm and 104 cm.


  • Reduces dust contamination, prevents kinks in the film base, light safe cassette.
  • Improves production efficiency.


  • For use with all Capillex photostencil films
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