Autosolve Bio 1

General purpose, water washable screen wash, developed specifically for use in conjunction with Biological waste water treatment plants that will dissolve a wide range of screen printing inks.

Autosolve Bio 1

Autosolve Bio 1 is the first in a new generation of products that are specially formulated to be environmentally friendly regarding biological waste water treatment plants.


  • Autosolve Bio 1 dissolves most conventional solvent, textile and UV curable screen inks. After the ink residues have been dissolved, the screen can be rinsed clean with water. Although the product is biodegradable, it is not allowed to be discharged into the drain without permission.


  • Efficient, effective bio-degradable screen wash.


  • This product has been designed for the removal of those inks used for solvent, textile and UV screen printing.
  • Autosolve Bio 1 is suitable for manual application by spray or brush and in automatic cleaning equipment.
  • Although the products are biodegradable, they are not allowed to be discharged into the drain without permission.
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