Capillex Laminating Fluid

Developed for applying Capillex to coarse screen printing mesh, this thickened solution is also perfect for when Capillex is applied automatically in a coating machine.

Capillex Laminating Fluid

Capillex Laminating Fluid is a low viscosity, water based liquid developed to help apply Capillex to the mesh


  • Capillex Laminating Fluid is a thickened liquid so that it will not drip or drain back when applied to coarse or large screens. This is especially useful when applying Capillex in automated stencil application machines.


  • Enables application in direct/indirect mode without increasing stencil profile, eliminates water marks, enhances adhesion and it is exceptionally easy to use.

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See the 'Semi-automatic' method in the 'How to use Capillex' section for detailed advice

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