Auto Degreaser Concentrate

Mesh degreasing concentrate for use on all types of screen printing mesh.

Auto Degreaser Concentrate

Auto Degreaser Concentrate improves the mesh adhesion of all stencil materials. It is particularly recommended for direct emulsion stencils where it improves the quality of the finished coating, and reduces static and dust attraction on synthetic meshes. Auto Degreaser Concentrate is available in two strengths: Auto Degreaser Concentrate 1:10 - can be diluted with up to 10 parts water Auto Degreaser Concentrate 1:25 - can be diluted with up to 25 parts water


  • Efficiently removes contamination from meshes prior to application of stencils. Compatible with the Brush Pump system. Non-hazardous and biodegradeable


  • Efficient, convenient and economical degreaser, especially when used with the Brush Pump system. Ideal for use with direct emulsion photostencils.


  • The product may be applied manually or by machine.
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