Autotex DP

Autotex® DP is Autotex® with an ink receptive primer suitable for Hewlett Packard Indigo Presses

Autotex DP

Autotex® DP is a high quality textured film, consisting of a polyester base coated with a flexible chemically bonded, UV-cured textured coating. The primer surface on Autotex® DP has been developed to be receptive to the Hewlett Packard Indigo digital printing presses.


  • Available in the Fine texture.
  • Excellent ink adhesion with Hewlett Packard Indigo printing presses (S2000, WS2000, WS4050).
  • Embossing capabilities for membrane touch switch applications.
  • Compatible with Windotex™ enabling clear windows to be incorporated on parts.
  • Part of a family of Autotex® films which include Autotex®, Softouch, AM, XE, Steel, Ink Jet.


  • Tested, approved and recommended by Hewlett Packard.
  • Extensive flex life of >5 million actuations.
  • Extremely durable and resistant to scratching, scuffing, chemicals and solvents.
  • Excellent colour clarity when printed.
  • Tough and highly durable but tactile to touch.
  • Low gloss textures that are absolutely consistent across the film surface.


  • Fascia Panels and Overlays.
  • Medical Applications.
  • Membrane Touch Switches.
  • Product Labels and Nameplates.

Additional Information

Product Range:

Autotex® DP Fine, Autotex® DP F150



Autotex® DP has an ink adhesion primer on the second surface. This primer confers excellent adhesion to Hewlett Packard Indigo digital printing presses (S2000, WS2000, WS4050).



Autotex® DP can be screen printed with Windotex™ to obtain a clear window (see Windotex™ product data sheet).

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