Autotex PC Fine

Hardcoated polycarbonate film with MacDermid Autotype's well-known Fine texture, designed for Touchpad applications.

Autotex PC Fine

Autotex PC Fine is a high quality textured, hardcoated polycarbonate film designed for use in the computer touchpad market.

The product consists of a high quality polycarbonate film coated with a highly durable and chemically resistant textured hardcoat. The texture does not contain fillers, so has outstanding clarity and is totally consistent from batch to batch. 

The Fine finish is the same MacDermid Autotype finish that has been used for many years in Touchpad applications, giving a high quality tactile feel to any computer interface, which combined with exceptional durability means that haptic quality is extended over time.

Autotex PC Fine is available in a number of gauges to work with evolving touchpad sensor designs.


  • MacDermid Autotype's classic Fine texture
  • Durable, chemical resistant, hard coated surface.
  • Easy to screen print polycarbonate second-surface.
  • Clarity and consistency.


  • Outstanding surface properties for Touchpads
  • Excellent longevity in use.
  • Resistance towards cleaning materials and chemicals.
  • Great clarity for sparkling back-printed graphics.
  • Completely consistent texture, batch to batch.


  • Touch pads.
  • Track pads.
  • Mouse pads.
  • Human-machine interfaces (HMI).
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