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END OF PRODUCTION for films with 7-Series Primer

Date: 12/07/22

Autotex and Autoflex polyester films with 7-Series primer, items with xx7 in their description, are being withdrawn and replaced by the the same item with 3-Series primer xx3.
Items with 0 and 3-Series primer (xx0 and xx3) are NOT affected.

All films remain available with an improved performance primer.

Why withdraw 7-Series Primer?

A key component of the primer has been withdrawn by our supplier due to EU REACH regulations and cannot be replaced.
Fortunately, we launched the 3-Series primer in 2020 as a more universal primer, suitable for many different print processes and it has been shown to be superior to 7-Series in terms of adhesion and longetivity. For details, see the datasheet:

3-Series Primer Datasheet

About Primers

Our hardcoated polyester Autotex and Autoflex films are primed on the print side of the film to ensure good adhesion of the ink layers.
Four different primers are available, designed to suit your chosen print process.

0-Series Primer is our established general-purpose primer, suitable for many inks and print processes.
7-Series Primer offers improved ink adhesion for UV cured type inks. 7-Series is not recommended for new designs and projects and is scheduled to be withdrawn in the second half of 2022.
3-Series Primer is our market leading primer, tested and trialled* on the world's leading print systems, including UV curing digital processes.
DP Primer is optimized for HP Indigo print systems.

The chart below provides an overview of compatibility between primer systems and print processes.

MacDermid Films Primer Systems

For details see:

Macdermid Films Primer Systems


If you are not already in contact with us about the withdrawal of Autotex and Autoflex xx7, please contact us now.

UPDATE 5th July 2022:

Last shipments Autoflex EBA and EBG 187 31st August 2022.
Autoflex EBA and EBG 137 and all Autotex xx7 remain current until Q4 2022.

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