Solvent Resistance & Environmental Data - Autotex

Solvent Resistance & Environmental Data - Autotex


Autotex is based upon biaxially orientated polyester film and therefore has much enhanced solvent resistance, strength, durability and toughness compared to other commonly used membrane fascia and nameplate substrates such as polycarbonate and vinyl.  Autotex withstands exposure of more than 24 hours duration under DIN 42 115 Part 2 to the following chemicals without visible change:

Autotex withstands DIN 42 115 Part 2 exposure of

Autotex is NOT resistant to the following chemicals:


Autotex withstands 24 hours exposure to the following reagents at 50oC without visible staining:

Very slight discoloration was noted under critical viewing conditions with the following materials:


2.1 Minimum use temperature

Tactile embossed Autotex has been tested to 0.5 million switch operations at -40oC (-40oF) without loss of function.

2.2 Maximum use temperature

High humidity environments               (10-95% RH) ≤60oC

Low humidity environments                (<10% RH) 85oC

2.3 Outdoor Use

In common with all polyester based films Autotex is not suitable for use in conditions of long

term exposure to direct sunlight. (See Autotex XE)


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