Autoflex Film Range

Autoflex is a range of hard coated polyester and polycarbonate films Autoflex EB is designed for membrane touch switch overlay applications, touch screens and displays. Autoflex PC was developed for smart cards, fascia panels, industrial nameplates and labels


The Autoflex range can be used in a wide array of applications. From the outstanding clarity of the Autoflex PC gloss hardcoat polycarbonate film perfect for smart cards and nameplates, to the hard coated polyester film of Autoflex EB which is best suited to fascia panels and touch screens.

Autoflex EB

Autoflex® EB is a high quality, screen printable, hard coated poly...

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Autoflex PC

Autoflex® PC hard coated polycarbonate film consists of a high qua...

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