Mobile Hand Held Devices

Mobile Device Mould

As the requirements for portability increases, many new applications have been developed and devices that were previously fixed have become portable. Many of these devices provide essential functionality in medical, communications, or diagnostic applications. Many are for leisure or recreational use. All must be capable of being used without being damaged by routine handling by their owners or users. Film Insert Moulding (FIM) using our hard coated films allows this. In addition the unique characteristics of each part may be matched with particular strengths within our product range.

Where integrated switches, displays and medium formed battery covers are required, AutoForm and HiForm PE products are recommended.  Where optic lens products require excellent clarity and no iridescence our AutoForm PMG product has great performance characteristics. Where a lens optic requirement is not so extreme our AutoForm PCG is often used.  For deep formed and complex parts our XtraForm product provides an excellent solution.

Where parts require mixed textures, it is possible to use the films with a variety of texturing lacquers from our Aquatex range to produce bespoke parts.


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