AutoForm M

AutoForm™ M is a formable hard coated polycarbonate designed to allow shallow formability whilst retaining its abrasion resistant properties

AutoForm M

The product is a formable hard coated polycarbonate film available in 180µ with a coating designed to allow shallow formability whilst retaining its abrasion resistant properties. The abrasion resistance and formability of the product is superior compared with conventional hard coated polycarbonates. AutoForm™ M is designed for the lens market and is ideal for robot handling. The film has a hard coated high gloss first surface and a matt second surface producing excellent slip characteristics when handled as the film is supplied without protective laminate on the second surface.


  • A formable hard coated polycarbonate film for shallow form Film Insert Moulding (FIM) applications. The product has a matt second surface and a gloss first surface and is currently available in a 180 micron thickness.


  • State of the art hardness.
  • Abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Ideal for robot handling due to matt second surface.
  • Excellent cosmetic quality & durability.
  • Shallow formable by thermoforming or pressure forming.
  • Matt surface becomes transparent when back moulded with PC resin.
  • No sticking when stacked for robot feeding.
  • No laminate to remove prior to printing.


  • White goods - Home appliance fascias.
  • Brown Goods - Electronics fascias.
  • Automotive - Heater controls/Interior trim.
  • Telecommunications - Mobile Telephones, Pagers.
  • All handheld medical and diagnostic devices.
  • Fascia Panels.
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