AutoForm™ is a formable hard coated polycarbonate film with a coating designed to allow shallow formability


AutoForm™ is a hard coated polycarbonate film available in 180 - 480µ thickness. The coating is designed to allow shallow formability whilst retaining its abrasion resistant properties. It is available in sheet or roll formats for easy processing.


  • A hard coated polycarbonate film for shallow form Film Insert Moulding applications. Providing a robust solution for products requiring chemical and abrasion resistance.


  • State of the art durability resistance combined with excellent chemical resistance.
  • Low hazard compared with spray coating.
  • Formable by thermoforming or high pressure forming.
  • Provides a scratch resistant surface to the polycarbonate used as substrate.
  • High gloss finish.


  • White goods - Home appliance fascias.
  • Brown Goods - Electronics fascias.
  • Automotive - Heater controls/Interior trim.
  • Telecommunications - Mobile Telephones, Pagers.
  • Medical monitors and hand held diagnostic equipment.
  • Fascia Panels.
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