Fototex 3D

Fototex 3D, a flexible texturing lacquer enabling designs to combine textures and gloss finishes on flat, formed and embossed parts

Fototex 3D™ for Membrane Switches

Fototex 3D is a range of flexible, texturing lacquers designed to be screen printed onto the Autoflex film range. Using a hybrid cure technology (UV and solvent), the lacquers can be intermixed to produce an infinite range of bespoke finishes that are hard, abrasion and solvent resistant and meet the demanding requirements of membrane switches and automotive dial applications. Fototex 3D has been developed to: - allow customised surface textures to be selectively printed on flat, formed or embossed parts - give designers the ability to combine textures with gloss finishes on membrane switches, fascia and graphic panels - give automotive dial manufacturers the ability to produce dead front, non reflective finishes without the use of nitrogen in the process The Fototex 3D range includes a Fine and Supermatt finish which can be fully intermixed and a Gloss Modifier that can be added to the finishes to adjust the gloss levels. This allows you to create bespoke finishes, meeting the design needs of any application.


  • Finishes can be intermixed to create bespoke textures
  • Suitable for any design - flat surfaces, embossed switches, formed parts
  • Create textured sections, fine line details or high definition text
  • Secret till lit features can be incorporated into any design
  • Qualified with Autoflex EB, Autoflex PC, XtraForm and polycarbonate films


  • No nitrogen required to achieve a dead front finish
  • One pot solution - the hybrid technology creates the hard finish (no additional hardener required)
  • Easy to print
  • Highly durable finishes: abrasion, scratch & chemical resistant
  • Flexible: embossing and forming capability


  • Automotive dial and instrument clusters
  • Membrane touch switch overlays
  • Fascia & graphic panels
  • Labels

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Interested in using Fototex 3D on formed parts. Visit Fototex 3D for Film Insert Moulding

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