A textured-matt hardcoated polyester film with Microban® antimicrobial protection permanently embedded in the micro-fine textured surface, designed specifically for overlamination of high wear surface areas and substrates that benefit from additional protection


SIGMAGraF Shield AM -Antimicrobial- is a premium quality, hardcoated polyester over-lamination film. The film has Microban® antimicrobial protection permanently embedded in the micro-fine textured hardcoat, to give built-in antimicrobial performance combined with outstanding durability and abrasion resistance, and excellent resistance to industrial chemicals and cleaning products.  As a result, the film surface of SIGMAGraF Shield AM provides dependable and constant protection against bacterial contamination and growth of mould and mildew. On the second surface is a clear, solvent acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive which is protected by a release liner.

SIGMAGraF Shield AM is designed to be laminated over pre-printed graphic layers to give an industrial level of performance to graphics used in demanding environments and industries, whilst maintaining excellent clarity for colour and graphic detail.


  • Our super tough hardcoat offers exceptional scratch, impact and chemical resistance while maintaining excellent clarity with colour and graphic detail.
  • The advanced pressure sensitive solvent acrylic adhesive can be laminated to protect existing graphics and smooth surfaces.
  • Proven antimicrobial protection as tested by leading independent laboratories. The antimicrobial chemistry kills or inhibits the growth of microbes including MRSA and E.coli. Also prevents growth of unsightly mould and mildew.


  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Resistant to chemicals, solvents & household cleaners
  • Resistant to scratches, abrasion and impacts.
  • Resistant to graffiti.
  • Consistent surface finish.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Outstanding clarity for graphic and colour definition.
  • Up-grade films such as solvent printable vinyl to give industrial performance solutions.


  • Signage in hygiene critical areas (hospitals, schools, etc.).
  • In-store decoration, cladding and POP displays
  • Fascias, nameplates, industrial and design applications
  • Demanding and durable display graphics
  • Indoor signage in high-traffic areas
  • Industrial & design applications
  • Exhibition and displays

Additional Information

SIGMAGraF Shield AM, 150µ

Pressure sensitive clear laminating adhesive on second surface

Available in rolls 1.20m x 50m

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